Emmerdale exit for Tracy Metcalfe after Nate turns back on daughter Frankie?

Emmerdale: Belle Dingle threatens Tracy Metcalfe with a knife

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In recent episodes of Emmerdale, ITV viewers have been suspicious of Nate Robinson (played by Jurell Carter) after they believed he cheated on his girlfriend Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh). It was later confirmed that Nate did sleep with newcomer Fiona when she rocked up in the village wanting to see him. Despite keeping his infidelity a secret, in upcoming scenes of the soap Nate’s guilt gets the better of him and he comes clean to Tracy.

Tracy and Nate had been getting their relationship back on track up until now.

However, the honeymoon phase quickly ended when Tracy discovered the love of her life had slept with someone else.

In upcoming scenes, Nate’s dad Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) is furious when his son explains Tracy had kicked him out of the house for cheating.

Cain is clearly upset with his son’s actions and refuses to let him stay with him.

An emotional Nate tries to make amends with Tracy and in the hopes of seeing his daughter Frankie, he goes home.

However, Nate is quickly turned away by Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) Tracy’s half-sister.

Tracy is devastated that Nate hasn’t even tried to see Frankie since his admission.

However, little does she know, Vanessa is keeping a secret from her.

Tracy later finds out that Nate did try to see their daughter when she overheard Vanessa talking to Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) about it.

Tracy realised Nate had lied to her when he told her he’d stayed at Ellis Chapman’s (Aaron Anthony) house.

“Thanks for the hospitality and all that but he won’t be kipping on your sofa any time soon,” Tracy said to a confused Ellis.

“You what?” he asked as Tracy replied: “Him, staying at yours last night.”

“Last night?” Ellis quizzed again as Tracy looked at Nate for answers.

“No, don’t worry, Ellis I think it’s pretty obvious he didn’t stay at yours at all, did he?” Tracy added.

“Stop lying to me,” Tracy told Nate. “Where were you?”

Nate replied: “My phone was smashed, and I couldn’t get a taxi so this girl said I could use hers.”

“What girl?” Tracy asked as Nate replied: “Just this girl who was at the bar.

“She said I could use her landline, but I collapsed on her sofa as soon as I got to her place.”



“You stayed at some girl’s house?” Tracy raged with Nate defending: “I swear nothing happened.”

With Tracy already hurting, will Nate give up and turn his back on his daughter after getting turned away.

Tracy has already hit breaking point after Nate and her sister have both lied to her.

Will the mum decide to leave the village, taking Frankie with her?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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