'The Pioneer Woman': Ree Drummond Appears Hurt When Daughters Paige and Alex Don't Like a Recipe Ingredient

Ree Drummond’s recipes are mostly family-friendly comfort foods, but there’s one ingredient Drummond likes to use that her daughters don’t like at all. Drummond and her daughters Paige and Alex argued about the controversial ingredient during an episode of The Pioneer Woman.

‘The Pioneer Woman’ star discovered her daughters don’t like 1 ingredient

Drummond was making her broccoli cheddar orzotto recipe on an episode of The Pioneer Woman when a disagreement over an ingredient broke out.

The Pioneer Woman star teased the moment in a May 14 Instagram post. “Here’s another moment in this Saturday’s show. My daughters don’t like pimentos, I guess?” she wrote in the caption. “I found this out when I picked up the jar and Paige (behind the camera) started shaking her head no. My regular TV crew doesn’t do that!!!”

On May 15, Drummond posted more images from the episode on Instagram and mentioned the pimentos again. “Scenes from Saturday morning’s new self-shot (kid-shot!) episode of my cooking show. My girls, my nephew, and my youngest Todd (oh, and Duke the dog!) manned the cameras this time and we shot four deliciously fun recipes,” she noted.

Drummond added, “Swipe forward to the end — I added more pimentos to my bowl before I snapped the pic! (This will make sense when you watch.) I hope you enjoy, and I sure as heck hope the show makes sense. We’re havin’ fun at least!”


Drummond made her broccoli cheese orzotto recipe and her daughters weren’t feeling the pimentos

Drummond demonstrated how to make her broccoli cheese orzotto recipe during the episode. The Pioneer Woman star’s daughter Paige first showed a bit of sass when Drummond got jokey about her pepper mill, even giving it a kiss. Paige said, “Oh my gosh, stop.”

Drummond called out her daughter, asking, “Do you guys have daughters that tell you to stop whenever you say anything really witty and cute?”

She tried to have a little fun at Paige’s expense when she got to the broccoli, painfully adding each floret one by one. Her daughter came closer and tipped the bowl, prompting Drummond to note, “She is my most impatient child.”

When the Food Network host introduced one ingredient, Paige was not on board and Alex agreed. Drummond held up a jar of pimentos and started to say “My favorite…,” but Paige shook her head.


Ree Drummond looked a bit hurt her daughters hate pimentos

Drummond asked her daughter, “Paige, what do you mean ‘no’?”

Paige responded, “Alex and I both agree, don’t add pimentos.”

When Drummond asked, “Are you tired of pimentos?,” Paige responded, “Yes.”

Drummond looked a little hurt that her daughters weren’t on board with the colorful addition. She couldn’t wrap her head around it, asking again, “Why? You don’t like pimentos?”

Paige argued, “Not in broccoli cheese soup.”

Drummond shook it off but dropped just one pimento into her dish. That prompted her son Todd to say, “No thank you.”

The full recipe is available on the Food Network website.

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