Tom Holland Told Jacob Batalon & Zendaya ‘Endgame’ Spoilers Without Even Asking Them

By now, we should all know that Tom Holland has a serious problem with telling everyone everything about what’s to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We have proof that he did so in the past, and Marvel actually put him with certain co-stars to prevent it from happening in interviews.

Tom‘s Spider-Man: Far From Home co-stars Jacob Batalon and Zendaya opened up to MTV about his spoiler problem in a new interview and even though they didn’t ask what happened in Avengers: Infinity War or Endgame, he told them anyhow!

“It ruins a lot of movies for you,” Jacob joked about being spoiled by Tom about the happenings of the movies. “We knew [what happened] for a long time….he just said it out of a whim. He didn’t say: hey, friend, let’s sit down, there’s something to talk about’.”

Zendaya added, “We didn’t even have a decision, like, ‘Would you like to know’. It was ‘This who is gonna die’.”

Check out the clip below!

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