Tommy Lee Lashes Out at Donald Trump Supporters Telling Him to ‘Stick to Drums’

Being told to stay out of politics over his mass shootings remarks against the president, the Motley Crue drummer stands his ground when he’s accused of being ‘out of touch.’

AceShowbizTommy Lee has angrily fired back at critics who would prefer he keep his political opinions to himself, after he was accused of being “out of touch”.

The Motley Crue drummer has become an outspoken opponent of U.S. leader Donald Trump, and urged him to “wake the f**k up” after the President blamed last weekend’s mass shootings in Ohio and Texas on violent video games and mental illness.

As Trump supporters took issue with the rocker’s remarks, telling him to “shut up and stick to drums”, Tommy fired back with a threat.

One Donald Trump supporter told Tommy Lee to ‘stick to drums.’

“The next person who tells me to stick to drumming and stay out of politics, I’m gonna come to ur house and shove my drumsticks up ur a** until you sneeze,” he wrote.

As the backlash continued, with one Twitter user suggesting Lee, like many celebrities, doesn’t know “what it feels like living paycheck to paycheck”, and called him “OUT OF TOUCH”, the rock star stood firm and added: “You must not have read (Motley Crue biography) The Dirt, I lived in a 4×4 apartment with 3 other dudes and cockroaches everywhere. We made $25/week. Don’t tell me I’m out of touch.”

Critics kept coming after Tommy Lee despite his clapback.

But the critics kept coming after Lee, with another tweeting: “Yes dude, back in the early 80s. You haven’t been in our world in over 30 years. You live in a mansion, you are no longer one of us. You don’t face what we do everyday, that’s why people can care less what you think.”

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