Toddler poos on floor and covers herself in Sudocrem when mum leaves room

Kids are sneaky, and if you turn your back for just a minute they’ll do something naughty.

Let this be the lesson you learn from Sarah Power, 29, who popped upstairs for a few minutes then returned to find that her two-year-old daughter had pooed on the floor and covered herself in Sudocrem.

As well as smearing the white cream all over herself, little Sasha also very kindly rubbed it into her mum’s living room furniture. Lovely.

Sarah shared a video of the moment she found Sasha covering herself in Sudocrem, not long after she had done a poo on the floor, on The Motherload’s Facebook Group.

She wrote: ‘Not only did my 2-year-old take a poo on the floor. I came downstairs to find her doing this!’

Thankfully Sarah says she was able to clean the Sudocrem off both toddler and sofa, with plenty of washing up liquid and hot water.

She advised that if anyone else went through similar struggles, they might as well bin the cleaning cloths after wiping away the cream – ‘nothing is going to save them’.

Sarah isn’t the first parent to face this mishap (and she won’t be the last). Her Facebook post was flooded with comments from other parents who related, hard.

One parent wrote: ‘Are you even a parent unless you have a Sudocrem photo or in your case video?’

Another helpfully advised locking away creams and anything that could cause a major mess – it’s simply not worth the risk of your kids finding a new way to destroy their surroundings.

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