Zara McDermott admits ‘you learn from mistakes’ after intense MIC break-up

Zara McDermott has reflected on filming the "hard times" while she was on Made in Chelsea, including the time her relationship with Sam Thompson fell apart on screen.

Zara – who was seen in tears on Made in Chelsea when she and Sam broke up – told us: "You accept that if there’s a camera in front of you, it’s going on TV.

"We’ve made that choice to share our lives with the world."

She then said: "Unfortunately, there are going to always be people that judge the situation, especially if you're putting it out there, and you're opening yourself up to that.

"You have to accept it and then learn from it. You learn from your mistakes, no one is ever perfect. It’s something we all go through."

Sam, on the other hand, said he will show the harder scenes to his future kids, as he said: "People always say, 'But your kids will see it.' F***ing sweet.

"I’ll just show them exactly what you don’t do!"

He continued: "It becomes a part of life. People get really hung up on the matter of people judging you but as long as you know you’re not an a***hole, you’re good, really."

Zara joined Sam on Made in Chelsea when they started to date in 2019. But Zara was already friends with co-star Ruby Adler before her arrival.

Zara soon became good friends with Sam's sister Louise Thompson – who first joined the show along the likes of Binky Felstead, Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews.

Louise recently became a mother with her fiance Ryan Libbey and Zara told us she is besotted by Louise's baby boy, Leo.

Speaking of him reaching any milestones, Sam revealed he now remembers him and Zara and his "face lights up".

He shared: " Now, he’s brilliant. He remembers you, he puts his arms around you, he basically said, ‘Uncle Sam, I love you so much.’"

Sam previously told OK! Leo is the "cutest kid on the planet", as he gushed over Louise and Ryan making an "absolute stunner".

"If Louise had an ugly baby, I’d tell her, but he is an absolute 10," he says. "He’s the cutest thing you will ever see. They’ve made an absolute stunner there.

"He’s the best boy, as well. He doesn’t even cry that much. It’s really nice."


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