14 Screenshots Of People Doing A Terrible Job Of Shooting Their Shot That'll Make You Cringe

1.This person who creepily tracked down and hit on a person he discovered on one of his wife’s friends’ profiles.

2.This strange baby talk flirt.

3.Here’s someone mixing up their words.

4.Asking to speak on the phone is only the second-grossest part of this screenshot.

5.A good meme reference gets a terrible response.

6.Ah, the old “say something gross then blame it on a friend” move.

7.The determination to make this pun opening work is just, wow.

8.This extremely uncomfortable roleplay attempt.

9.A creepy joke to open? Big yikes!

10.Nobody believes you, btw.

11.This strange attempt at sparking friendship.

12.This all-around bad job of interacting.

13.The quick, vulgar turn this dude decided to make.

14.And finally, this person’s quick switch from being interested to being disinterested and (allegedly) drunk.

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