19 College Dorm Room Struggles Every Student Faces At One Point Or Another

1.Having literally no room for anything other than twin beds and tiny desks.

2.Having to get resourceful with cooking…

…since you have no kitchen.

3.Having to sleep on a twin bunk or loft bed that is a pain to get down from.

4.Having to hide cheap liquor bottles in your room.

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5.Having to put an obligatory marker board on your door.

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6.Having to open cans without a can opener because the only utensils you have are plastic forks and spoons.

7.Having to watch TV on your laptop.

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8.Having not nearly enough electrical outlets…

…which creates issues like this.

9.Having literally no “me time” or personal space ever.

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10.Having a designated time window when you can eat in the cafeteria.

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11.Having to wait hours for your roommate to return because you got locked out.

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12.Having to doctor up your room that has some pretty bad wear and tear.

13.Having to get on your roommates for using your things.

14.Having to sneak someone of the opposite sex into your dorm when the RA isn’t looking.

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15.Having to eat the most random, but cheap, snacks.

16.Having to let the people above you know they are being annoyingly loud.

17.Having to find ways to stay warm in the winter…

…and ways to stay cool in the summer.

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18.Having a community washer and dryer that is always in use.

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19.And, lastly, having a community bathroom.

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