Batwoman: New poster debuts ahead of Comic-Con world premiere

A new poster for upcoming Arrowverse series Batwoman was posted today to the series’ official Twitter account.

The poster shows Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane in silhouette looking at the Bat Signal in the sky. The poster asks “Are you ready?” and the caption posted with the image calls Batwoman “A beacon of change.”

Check out the new art below:

The new poster is making its debut just days ahead of the world premiere screening of Batwoman’s pilot episode at San Diego Comic-Con International on Thursday, July 17.

Of course, it will still be several months before the series officially launches on The CW. Non-Comic-Con attendees will have to wait until Sunday, October 6 to see the Batwoman pilot.

The promos for Batwoman have focused heavily on the superhero’s alter-ego Kate Kane, her personality, and her motivation for picking up the absent Batman’s mantle and becoming a superhero.

The promos indicate that the CW is very confident in the show and the positive addition it will be to the Arrowverse. Only time will tell if audiences embrace Batwoman as they have the other heroes of The CW’s DCTV franchise.

Batwoman’s first season will air on Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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