Aaron Carter gets restraining order against ex-girlfriend

Aaron Carter has been granted a partial restraining order against his ex-girlfriend Lina Valentina.

The Los Angeles Superior Court said the 31-year-old singer was granted the restraining order against 28-year-old Valentina on Monday.

According to court documents obtained by E! News, Carter alleged on July 30 Valentina “physically assaulted” him, hit him “in the face” and “shoved” him on “several occasions.”

The outlet also reports that Carter’s filing alleges Valentina “has threatened to stab me several times and carries a knife with her.”

The court documents confirm that Carter’s ex was “ordered to stay 100 yards away” from the singer, but his request to have her ordered to leave his home in Lancaster, Calif., was denied since he admitted that she doesn’t actually live there.

A hearing to make the order permanent is reportedly scheduled for Sept. 3.

Carter’s lawyer Jan Michael Morris told E! News that despite the scheduled court date, Carter is “not pursuing the restraining order at this time.”

Morris added that the singer “wants to move on with his life and has resolved his issues with Lina.”

“He wishes Lina the best,” Morris said. “He’s focusing on his career, his music and his fans.”

Earlier this month Carter announced his split from Valentina.

In a statement he said: “Lina and I have decided to go our separate ways. I was really hoping this would be the one that lasted forever. We had even talked about having kids, but we couldn’t seem to get past our differences and the relationship eventually turned unhealthy. I’ve been through so much the past few years and am trying to learn from my mistakes.”

He continued, “I don’t have any regrets being with Lina, and I definitely learned a lot about myself. I think this decision was the mature thing to do. I’m going to keep focusing on my music, my tour and my fans. Hopefully my soulmate is out there somewhere and I’ll meet her soon.”

Carter took to Twitter on Aug. 13 to write, “It’s ok to be single. No need to rush into anything. Take your time getting to know people, that’s what I’ve learned.”

“I’m Doing really good in my life and it’s really hard to see people misunderstanding me and living my life the way I live my life,” the I Want Candy singer said in a follow-up tweet. “We really shouldn’t judge and always tell our truth and be who we are because it’s our life. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s ok.”

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