And Just Like That fans are asking this one big question about Carrie and Charlotte

Friendships are complex and can often change as the years go by  and some Sex And The City fans feel Carrie and Charlotte’s relationship could be in trouble in And Just Like That.

It’s safe to say that friendships can be pretty complicated – especially friendship groups.

While the relationships you have can evolve between you all, sometimes there’s that one friend in that group that you’re just not as close with – and as time goes on, that becomes clearer and clearer.

This is something that many are noticing in the Sex And The City reboot And Just Like That.

As the show follows the trials and tribulations of the fab trio that is Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York Goldenblatt, many have remarked on the awkward dynamic between Carrie and Charlotte – so much so that it’s left people wondering: Does Carrie even like Charlotte?

A recent Reddit thread posed this question, with one user writing: “Carrie has always been a terrible friend but with this new chapter I feel like she’s even worse towards Charlotte. I also feel she now treats her as a third wheel. Any thoughts?”

The post saw many people share their opinions on the pair’s relationship, while looking back on the show and how their friendship has always been slightly distanced in comparison to Carrie’s with Miranda and Samantha.

“I think Carrie has stopped acknowledging Charlotte’s thoughts,” wrote one user. “In the recent episode when Charlotte shared her thoughts about Miranda’s drinking problem, she [Carrie] simply ignored it”.

Another commentator agreed, adding: “Yes! She said ‘can you stop noticing things’ in such a bitchy way when Charlotte brought up her concerns about Miranda.”

And Just Like That: fans are looking into the pair’s friendship

A third said that they believed Carrie always had “a low tolerance for Charlotte” because she’s “emotional”, while another said that their different views have always been an issue.

“While Samantha and Miranda never took Charlotte’s traditional values to heart, I feel like Carrie always did,” said one.

“Charlotte’s views on relationships and marriage were always pretty dated and were the butt of a joke, but it seemed a lot more personal from Carrie.”

While people discussed whether Carrie is a good friend to Charlotte, some argued that Charlotte’s overly judgemental ways continue to make things difficult.

“Charlotte is a traditionalist and can be pretty judgy so it’s not surprising that there may be some tension,” they said.

Some even argued that Charlotte has made their friendship harder over the past few episodes of And Just Like That.

“I don’t think Carrie is the one being the bad friend here. Charlotte made Big’s death all about her. The sobbing uncontrollably when she was supposed to be the support, blaming herself for Carrie going to the recital, which forces Carrie to have to care for Charlotte and comfort and reassure her, and generally placing more weight on Carrie when she is going through the worst time in her life.

“I would be irritated as well. She’s trying to go on while grieving and Charlotte is giving her more and more to stack on her plate.”

With new episodes of the reboot coming soon, we’ll definitely be watching how their friendship evolves. And with the tragic passing of Willie Garson and the introduction of a new mysterious friend in Charlotte’s life, it’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out.

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