Yellowstones Beth star shares unseen moment from Rip’s first dinner scene

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Rip (played by Cole Hauser) and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) finally joined ranch owner John Dutton (Kevin Costner) with their all but adopted son Carter (Finn Little) for dinner in the new episode of the Paramount drama. However, actress Kelly has revealed Yellowstone showrunner Taylor Sheridan had a slightly different interpretation of the scene.

Kelly has recalled an insightful moment from the Yellowstone scripts which hasn’t been available to fans until now.

In the eighth episode of season four, No Kindness For the Coward, the unconventional family unit finally tries to sit down for a cordial evening meal.

Kicking off with a teaser of the upcoming spin-off, 1883, the episode peels back the curtain on the violent side of the Dutton family.

However, the ranching dynasty also has the potential for kindness buried deep down, which has slowly started to bubble to the surface.

During a rare moment of downtime for the Duttons, ranch manager Rip grows frustrated with Beth when she rows with her father in the main dining room.

After calming her down, the group moves to a smaller table in the living room, which proves much more successful.

In a new behind-the-scenes series of interviews with the cast, Rip star Cole Hauser lays out the beginning of the touching dinner sequence.

“Beth just goes f*****g bats**t nuts,” he explains.

“Rip, kind of, can pull her out of that… spinning out of control. It’s not so serious when it comes to her getting into that kind of funk.

“That’s the way to her heart, is to make a little bit of a ‘ha ha’ about it.”

While John recalls some amusing ranching anecdotes, Rip and Beth work on healing their still precarious relationship.

Rip admits his fiancée makes life harder for him every day, but smiles warmly as if to assure her he doesn’t mind.

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At the end of the scene, the camera slowly moves away from the actors as they enjoy a rare moment of peace in the otherwise brutal modern Western drama.

Kelly then explained the screenplay for the episode was made even more meaningful for the cast thanks to showrunner Taylor’s insightful directions.

She explained: “So, the audience, they see the show, they hear us saying these lines and in the scenes.

“But they don’t read the scripts, and some of my favourite things in the scripts are Taylor’s stage directions.”

“There’s a scene where he says ‘the camera pulls back to this strange family. A widow, two orphans and his daughter.’

“That’s where you get glimmers of what would be Beth’s happiness, and I just find it so beautiful.”

Rip has been an unofficial member of the Duttons ever since he came to the ranch as a teenager, and now the young wrangler Carter is following in his footsteps.

Unfortunately, the Yellowstone’s reputation has prevented them from truly bonding as a family, but that could finally be about to change.

Yellowstone season four continues Sundays on Paramount.

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