‘Big Brother’ evicted houseguest addresses controversial comments

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Thursday’s eviction episode of Big Brother.

It’s been an interesting week on Big Brother, with the power shifting to the side of the house that hasn’t seen a shred of authority since the beginning of the season.

After Jess won Head of Household, she immediately put up the two alpha males, Jack and Michie, for eviction. After she also secured Power of Veto, the houseguests had no choice but to vote between the two men. Unfortunately for the Jason Momoa lookalike, Jack was sent packing in an 6-2 vote.

In an uncharacteristically blistering interview by Big Brother host Julie Chen-Moonves post-eviction, Jack was grilled about controversial comments he’d made over the past several weeks in the house.

He had been accused of racism and sexism by viewers who watch the Big Brother feeds.

Global News spoke with him directly about his eviction from the house.

Global News: How does it feel to be out of the Big Brother house?
Jack Matthews: It feels really good actually. I missed my music, I missed time to myself and I missed reading.

What happened? Why did you get evicted?
I made myself a target. I made myself look like a good competitor and if you do that too early in the game, you can make yourself an easy target.

Who’s running the house right now and how are they doing it?
I think there’s an angle to say that Kat is running the house. She was a mole for six shooters at the beginning and when the other side was in power, she was an importance piece for who went up as well.

Who’s the hardest person to live with and why?
Well I think it’s safe to say that Kemi was the hardest for me. She had general living habits that were hard for me to deal with. That doesn’t take away from the incredible person that she is.

Any regrets about your gameplay?
I stand by everything I did in that house. However, I do think twice on letting Tommy know about what Michie told me.

Personal feelings aside, who do you think is going to take it all?
I think as this game goes on, it gets more strategic. With that being said, Cliff is always on. He is Big Brother-ing 24/7. I think there’s a big change he can win… but he’s also a big target.

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]



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