Blue Bottle Coffee Introduces Instant Exceedingly Rare Yemen Qima Bait Alal

Following its “Craft Instant Coffee, Espresso” release, Blue Bottle Coffee has now returned to deliver its limited-edition small-batch Instant coffee. The “Instant Exceedingly Rare, Yemen Qima Bait Alal” coffee has been years in the making and offers the highest quality soluble coffee on the market.

Created by Qima Coffee founder Faris Sheibani utilizing his proprietary alchemy technique, each variable is manipulated to create a meticulous post-harvest environment. The result is a rare expression of coffee marked by fruit intensity, laced with an aroma of baking spices, and deepened by a citrus brightness. Ready in seconds, the instant coffee delivers tasting notes of vivid and bright tamarind and black cherry, with a vanilla allspice aroma.

Limited to 400 vials, each tin features three 100 ml single-serving vials and a limited-edition tasting serving (125 ml) sipping glass etched with the Blue Bottle Coffee logo.

Priced at $65 USD, the Instant Exceedingly Rare, Yemen Qima Bait Alal is available in three single 100ml serving sets on Blue Bottle Coffee’s website.

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