Britney Spears Posted a Rare Photo of Her Sons & They're Almost as Tall as Her

The queen of pop is out and about once again! This weekend, Britney Spears posted a rare photo of sons Preston and Jayden at Disneyland, reminiscing about how quickly they’ve grown up and sharing a sweet family moment. Fans were equally surprised to see how grown-up Sean Preston Federline (age 13) and Jayden James Federline (age 12) have become. Spears hasn’t been photographed much in recent months, following her check-in to a wellness facility in early April. But this photo looks like a sign that the star is doing better, and may be getting back to her usual routine.

Spears’ Instagram post shows a few different photos from the day: first, Spears standing between her two sons (who are nearly as tall as she is!); next, a few scenes of the different Disneyland areas they explored. Spears captioned the photo: “Great time at Disneyland today … but I don’t remember ever getting that wet on splash mountain 🏔!!! Geeez … anyhow my boys are older now, so they don’t like their picture taken ever … so I was thrilled today when they said SURE !!!!! Such a great place !!!!!” Her two sons, who Spears shares with ex-husband Kevin Federline, are all smiles at the Happiest Place on Earth.

While we can’t get over how mature Preston and Jayden look, commenters on Spears’ post had other questions. Basically, they don’t understand how the legendary Britney Spears could have pulled off a casual day at Disneyland without being mobbed by fans. “How do you go to Disney Land and not get recognized?!” one wrote. “Imagine running into Britney Spears at Disney, wow,” another added. “How do you just casually stroll behind Britney Spears and not hyperventilate… I have questions,” a third commenter chimed in. Personally, we have no idea — but we’re pleased to see other attendees have a little more chill than we do. Spears has had a rough year: Hopefully, quality time with her kids is helping the star feel more at peace.

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