Check Out This Detailed Tour of the World’s Largest Doomsday Community

YouTube channel Kara and Nate recently released a special video giving viewers a tour of the Vivios xPoint doomsday community.

Brought back into the light after an increased interest thanks to the ongoing pandemic, xPoint is located in the middle of the United States and is a former military base built in the ’40s during WWII to store munitions. It was built in South Dakota (two hours away from Rapid City) to prevent enemies from getting access to or destroying weaponry from both the West and East coasts. Each bunker is spaced out 400 feet to prevent any kind of chain reaction during the time when explosives were stored at the facility.

The video goes on to detail a completely empty bunker, a work-in-progress bunker, and a finished build. The couple then goes on to interview a few of the full-time families that are currently living in the community. Amongst the 575 bunkers that are located on the land that is roughly half the size of Manhatten, there are currently only 8-9 full-time inhabitants at xPoint. Priced at $35,000 USD, would you consider calling one of these survival bunkers home?

In other design news, this home in Thailand features a rock climbing wall and a light-filled brick facade.
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