EBIT™ to Celebrate "Blue Monday" With Michel Gaubert Mixes

Following its launch with initial logo artwork by M/M (Paris) [E001] and offline project with famed photographer Glen Luchford, titled “Glen’s Nostalgic Momento” [E002], EBIT™ (Enjoy Being in Transition™) has now announced its upcoming project with famed sound director Michel Gaubert.

To celebrate what is known as “Blue Monday,” the supposed scientifically proven most depressing day of the year, this year EBIT™ (Enjoy Being in Transition™) has tapped Gaubert, fashion’s leading sound director, for a trilogy of mixes. Explicitly informed by New Order’s 1983 12-inch single “Blue Monday,” the inaugural mix series is centered around “a dopamine-releasing euphoric vibe, that aims to be a source of relief and inspiration for a society feeling the mental fatigue of 2020 and optimism about 2021.”

EBIT™ has also tasked close collaborators art and design duo M/M (Paris) to establish the visual identity of the mixes through a distinct piece of original artwork.

Supporting the release, iconic British DJ and record producer John Digweed will be previewing Michel Gaubert’s EBIT™ [E007] “Blue Monday” mixes on his world-renowned TRANSITIONS radio during the weekend of January 16-17. The full two-hour mix will be streamed exclusively on Blue Monday, January 18 on Digweed’s Mixcloud, and will be aired with a special intro mix by Digweed at 10 a.m., 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. GMT (5 a.m., 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. EST). Additionally, Michel Gaubert’s EBIT™ [E007] “Blue Monday” mixes are also set to appear at Berlin’s Reference Festival via “Blue Room” through virtual platform Reference Realities on January 21-22.

Catch comments from Michel Gaubert, John Digweed and M/M (Paris) regarding the upcoming EBIT™ [E007] “Blue Monday” mixes below.

Informed by the emotional climate of 2020, EBIT™’s art influences culture activations are set to appear more offline and online throughout 2021 and beyond. Aside from bringing energy back to the streets, projects will marry the virtual and physical realms through advanced platforms and relationships with exclusive local dealers.

Standing as an explicit homage to the legacy of Factory Records, each artistic aspect of EBIT™ is cataloged with an “E: Enjoy” number.

Michel Gaubert

Music is one of the strongest emotional supports that is readily available. It is also the main reason why I dedicated my life to it and now, more than ever, sharing it is an act of solidarity. Escapism is also essential, and we all need our windows to breathe and let our feelings go. This why I am honored to curate this series of mixes for EBIT. We are all in transition somewhere and we have to join forces to help one another. Mental health affects us all and is too often overlooked. May the music make us come together and bring us peace and above all harmony.

John Digweed

For many years people have been educated on the importance of physical fitness and the benefits of eating a healthy diet for our well-being. The awareness of mental health has thankfully increased in recent years, providing much-needed help for people struggling internally. Our minds are one of the most powerful parts of our human bodies, controlling our daily thoughts, which can in turn have a huge effect on the physical body. 2020 has been an extraordinary year and the coming months are still going to be incredibly difficult for millions of people around the world. So many industries face uncertainty on when we can get back to any sort of normality. I hope these special curated mixes can help raise awareness and also encourage people not only to ask for help, but the importance of reaching out to friends and family to check how they are on regular basis.

M/M (Paris)

What we’ve learned from this year is that everything is in flux, nothing is a given anymore. That’s why we find there is something reassuring in geometry, in the sense that it allows to compose, combine, play and explore shapes, while making sure we do so in a logical framework, to structure an ever-evolving visual language. Define your own parameters to enjoy being in transition.

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