Fritz Hansen's Seoul Pop-up Hotel Is a Seamless Contemporary and Traditional Fusion

Danish furniture company Fritz Hansen propped up a pop-up hotel in Gahoe-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Originally a showroom to feature its classic and contemporary home decor, the brand transformed the space into a timeless and atmospheric retreat by fusing the traditional Hanok style with its modern Copenhagen-made pieces.

As the building dates back to the 19th-century, Fritz Hansen wanted to keep that same blissful demeanor and aesthetic by keeping certain classic elements intact such as the yard, living room, wooden tiled roof, shoji paper windows and effortless flow and connection of the rooms to the outdoors. The infusion of furniture by Poul Kjærholm and Arne Jacobsen, lighting by Ahm & Lund and art by Korean artist Heejoon Lee are strategically placed across each area which are naturally embraced by the structure and frames the natural light seeping through the openings and greenery surrounding the place.

“Fritz Hansen wanted to show how contemporary design blends with a traditional Korean house,” said the team in talks with Wallpaper* Magazine. “A Danish interior mood is created in the house through the embracing of low light. Lounge chairs such as the “PK20” and “Swan” encourage relaxation and a slower pace. Danish tea is offered as a welcome drink when guests check-in, while a contemporary, Danish mood is enhanced with international art books and Bang & Olufsen speakers. The aim was to create a “hygge” mood in a traditional house, through slow experiences such as incense, tea and music. Fritz Hansen wanted guests to feel a little Denmark in a Korean house.”

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