GTA: The Trilogy returns to Steam with 50% discount – still as buggy as before

Rockstar has added the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy collection to Steam after delisting the original games in 2021.

You all remember the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition debacle, right? Essentially the Cyberpunk 2077 of 2021, this remastered collection of three classic titles was mired in controversy for the amount of bugs and glitches that were present at launch.

Even before it came out, Rockstar earned ire from fans by delisting the Steam versions of the original games. So, if you wanted to play them on PC, you had no choice but to purchase the remasters via Rockstar’s own launcher.

Over a year later, though, and those games have returned to Steam and are even Steam Deck compatible. The downside? They’re the remastered versions and, apparently, they’re no less buggy than they were at launch.

Rockstar dropped the collection on Steam very recently with surprisingly little fanfare, though the announcement on Twitter adds that it’s part of a big publisher sale.

Until February 2, GTA: The Trilogy and other Rockstar titles will be upwards of 70% off. In the trilogy’s case, it’s normally £54.99 but you can grab it for £27.49.

Three games for less than £30 isn’t a bad offer, especially since all three remain genuine classics so many years later.

However, the user reviews on Steam are already inundated with criticisms and complaints. Even some of the positive reviews admit the remasters aren’t good or, at the very least, aren’t as polished as the original releases.

The same can be said for the responses on Twitter, with many asking why Rockstar has failed to meaningfully improve the collection.

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