Harry Styles and Alessandro Michele Come Together for the Gucci "HA HA HA Collection"

Unveiled during Milan Fashion Week Men’s, Gucci presented a collaboration built on the friendship between Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, and the British singer-songwriter and actor, Harry Styles. Dubbed the “HA HA HA Collection,” the special range serves as an “inventive two-person journey.” The Italian luxury fashion house offers a foreword that reads, “Friendship, complicity, a unification of distinct creativities that meet along a shared border, exchanges, and contaminations of collective ideas. And the construction of the absolute pragmatism of bridges that form to connect different perspectives.”

Since meeting many years ago, Alessandro Michele and Harry Styles have formed a relationship of exchange, putting their intersection of creative expression shared perceptions into the “HA HA HA Collection.” HA HA HA represents the initial of “Harry” and “Alessandro,” along with the onomatopoeic sound of the laughing fadce emoji, that commonly ends their messages to one another.

“Harry has an incredible sense of fashion. Observing his ability to combine items of clothing in a way that is out of the ordinary compared to the required standards of taste and common sense and the homogenization of appearance, I came to understand that the styling of a look is a generator of differences and of powers, as are his reactions to the designs I have created for him, which he has always made his own; these reactions restore me with a rush of freedom every time,” said Alessandro Michele. “The idea of working together came to me one day while we were talking on the phone: I proposed creating a ‘dream wardrobe’ with him, starting from those small oddities that come together in childlike visions. We ended up with a mix of aesthetics from 1970s pop and bohemian to the revision of the image of the gentleman in an overturned memory of men’s tailoring.”

The Gucci “HA HA HA Collection” serves as a shared expression of beauty, one that liberates confining codes to create a wardrobe full of ease and free of traditional boundaries. Jackets, coats, pants, shirts, and accessories come together to define contemporary masculine elegance through thoughtful material constructions. While historical significance comes through in forms, volumes and of the images they produce. The collaborative range brings together elements that characterize the Creative Director and artist under the synthesis of Gucci.

Traditional English tailoring is elevated to new heights with the eccentric use of Prince of Wales check on double-breasted coats and mother-of-pearl button accents on shirts. With classic sartorial suits accompanied by velvet counterparts in irregular hues, treated denim jackets and bowling shirts. Other standouts include lined coats with hoods and frog fasteners, pleated kilts with leather regulating straps and printed pajamas.

Check out Harry Styles and Alessandro Michele’s Gucci “HA HA HA Collection” above.

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