Mum reveals the shocking amout of dirt hiding on her 'clean' floor

Cleaning expert shares ‘disgusting’ photos of hidden dirt and grime hiding on her ‘clean’ floor – and the device she swears by for getting rid of it

  • A mum has been left disgusted after vacuuming clean floor with new machine
  • She was shocked at the grime pulled up by her new, $100, vacuum cleaner
  • She previously vacuumed daily, leading her to be grossed out by the mess

A mum has revealed the shocking amount of hidden dirt she found in her favourite rug after upgrading her worn-out vacuum cleaner.

The disgusted Aussie mum said her new vacuum’s cannister was ‘almost full’ after running over the bedroom rug for ‘a few seconds’.

‘I had to actually turn off the vacuum to take a picture because I couldn’t believe how much nastiness was in my rug even though it was vacuumed daily with my old vacuum,’ she wrote alongside a picture of her new $100 vacuum.

A mum has revealed the shocking amount of hidden dirt she found in her favourite rug after upgrading her worn-out vacuum cleaner


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‘This amount of dust was just from vacuuming a 0.5m² area for three seconds,’ she explained.

‘I had to empty the canister three times just to finish vacuuming my rug because of how much junk was hiding in it.’

She said she can now vacuum every second day without the cannister getting as full and says it fills up if she hasn’t vacuumed for a week.

‘I did spend the first week vacuuming daily because I was just so excited to have a vacuum that could suck out years of gunk,’ she said.

The vacuum cleaner also doesn’t get clogged up by long hair, she explained, so she doesn’t need to sweep with her rubber broom before cleaning.

But the budget vacuum cleaner does have some low-lights, she said.

‘It’s loud so midnight vacuuming is now out-of-the-question, I’m stuck with a rubber broom I don’t have anymore use for, and the cord is not necessarily always convenient to navigate around while vacuuming tight spaces with a large dog who likes to ‘help’,’ she said.

The vacuum is a Kogan 900w upright vacuum – and writers in the comments confirmed they are ‘obsessed’ with the very affordable machine.

‘I have recently bought this to I love it I had a Dyson before which I thought was the best until I got this,’ one woman said.

And she wasn’t the only one comparing it to an old, high-end machine.

‘I love this vacuum as well, better suction then our previous Dyson. I got extra filters as well so I can wash/dry them as needed. It’s also super easy to clean out as well,’ she said.

While others were pleased to see an ‘affordable’ vacuum cleaner for under $400.

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Infrequent or incomplete vacuum cleaning can cause severe reactions in people who are sensitive to pet dander, dust, and other debris that accumulates on carpets and rugs. Regular and thorough vacuuming is a must. Even though it’s not possible to completely sanitize carpet fibres, proper attention can reduce the likelihood of a symptom outbreak. 

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