Harry Styles Plays Therapist and Lover on "Harry's House"

Image Source: Getty / Kevin Mazur

Pop music, particularly the type as globally successful as what Harry Styles makes, has a unique responsibility. By nature, it’s supposed to soundtrack a wide variety of experiences — going to the grocery store, meeting a friend at a cafe, riding a taxi, and infinite other moments in people’s lives. On “Harry’s House,” Styles seems aware of this responsibility, even titling the album’s first track “Music For a Sushi Restaurant.”

Styles seems in his element on “Harry’s House,” an album that feels both intimate and universal at the same time. He has a unique knack for accessing very private yet collectively shared experiences, turning them into songs that feel more like hymns than whispered confessionals. For the most part, “Harry’s House” is also the artist’s bubbliest, most overtly uplifting album; the whole thing is a slick and dreamlike montage of sensuality and encouragement. Of course, romance is a central theme — it’s hard to listen to “Harry’s House” without thinking of Styles’s girlfriend Olivia Wilde, who fans have speculated is the subject of at least a few of the songs.

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