Ozark plot hole: Ruth Langmore shouldve survived as fans question key Marty error

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Netflix’s thrilling crime series Ozark came to a gut-wrenching end in April with its fourth and final instalment. With Ruth Langmore’s (played by Julia Garner) death causing a frenzy among fans, many believe she could have survived had Marty (Jason Bateman) made a key decision.

Ozark came to an explosive end as the Byrde family tried to cut ties with the Navarro cartel and resume their normal lives in Chicago.

However, this wasn’t deemed possible without bloodshed and multiple deaths.

After season four, part one saw the deaths of Ruth’s cousin Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan) and his wife Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery), at the hands of the cartel, Ruth made it her mission to avenge her loved ones.

Although her fate ended in her demise, many fans believe Marty let her down as he should have warned her revenge was around the corner.

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Throughout the series, Marty and Ruth were close as she worked closely with his family and helped their businesses, so he could successfully launder money for the cartel.

Despite putting her life at risk and even killing her own family members for them, their partnership came to a bitter end when they refused to protect her.

Things got worse when the Navarro cartel successor Javi Elizonndro (Alfonso Herrera), whom the Byrdes worked, for killed Wyatt and Darlene just hours after their wedding.

As a result, season four, part two saw Ruth’s struggle with grief as she decided to hunt down Javi and kill him.

With the leader of the Navarro cartel dead, his mother, Camila Elizonndro, went into power and decided to avenge her son’s death.

As she had been working with the Byrdes, fans believe Ruth could have survived if Marty warned her that the Cartel had a new leader.

Taking to Reddit, user draft_wagon wrote: “So I get that they couldn’t really approach Ruth at all but couldn’t they have like….texted her?

“Or texted someone else to text her, like: ‘she knows run away and never come back,’ if Ruth survives then good and if not, well at least they did SOMETHING.”

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However, other fans, including Intilleque, disagreed and disclosed: “Why would Marty risk his entire family’s lives over Ruth?

“If Camilla even had an inkling that anybody had tipped Ruth off, they’re all dead. Now would you take that risk?

“After having begged Ruth not to kill Javi in the first place, she knew she was risking people’s lives by seeking vengeance and she did it anyway.”

The user concluded: “And her being the only one to get killed for that is probably the least worst outcome out of all them.”

Creeping_death_89 added: “Because Camila threatened Jonas and Charlotte, someone was going to die and they had to decide between Ruth or their own children. They obviously chose their own children.”

While AppropriateMention6 anticipated: “I was half expecting Marty to show up and take the bullet for Ruth.”

After killing Javi, Ruth was unaware she needed to look behind her back or even keep a weapon nearby to defend herself.

Although her life seemed to be looking up, her final scene revealed she had already accepted her fate would eventually be death at the hands of someone else, as this was the way her entire family had died.

Ozark is available on Netflix.

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