Heron Preston Focuses on Sustainability for SS22 Co-Ed Collection

Heron Preston has gone back to the drawing board for his Spring/Summer 2022 collection. In this ever-changing fashion climate that’s increasingly aware of its environmental impact, designers such as Preston are called on to reflect upon their practice and make their output more sustainable, and this season is the embodiment of exactly that.

Speaking on this season’s offering, Preston said, “Sustainability has turned into a trend. It can feel fake and today, ‘sustaining’ is no longer enough, a more honest term would be ‘less environmentally destructive.’ I believe and have always believed that taking responsibility for actions which affect our world, should genuinely matter.”

As a result, the SS22 range presents garments made under the visions of “eX-Ray,” “Preferred” and “Standard,” which means that the former pieces are almost 100% sustainable with all fabrications tracked across the supply chain and all social and environmental conditions are assessed. “Preferred” means Preston’s pieces contain at least 50% or more of sustainable materials in weight, while “Standard” is the same principle, only under 50% sustainable.

Per the Preston aesthetic, subverting traditions and norms play a considerable part in the collection’s design. A sky blue suit is cut with a wide flare in a unique nylon-esque material, and his signature orange workwear-inspired logo graces almost everything from smart to casual. Naturally, a heavy array of graphic T-shirts appear, notably ones adorned with diamonté crystals, while other pieces are made from layers of organza to add a chic finish to something inherently utilitarian. Puffer tops are paired with camo pants while biking motifs make a new statement for the ever-growing label, just like the introduction of Preston’s new oversized tote bag and Level heels.

Take a look at the Heron Preston SS22 collection in the gallery above and shop the range online and in select stores worldwide now.

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