If You Check Off 38 Out Of 78 Of These Things You Are An Old Lady Trapped In A Young Person's Body

  1. Check off all of the following that make you say “yes, that’s me.”

    Do you own plants?Do you name your plants?Do you talk to your plants?Do you like to vacuum?Does the thought of buying a new vacuum bring you joy?Do you own a Dyson?Do you dream of owning a Dyson?Are you cold right now?Do you usually bring a hoodie with you wherever you go “just in case”?Are you thinking about putting your hoodie on right now?Do you get genuinely excited when a House Hunters marathon is on?Do you have a lot of feelings about House Hunters in general?Do you have an unhealthy obsession with HGTV?Do you have no idea who Billie Eilish is?Do you own too many tote bags?Do you take naps?Do you find yourself struggling to decide whether or not you should read a book or take a nap?Do you love Tupperware?Do you own too much Tupperware?Do you oil pull?Do you own a Keurig?Do you love your Keurig?Do you have a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon on your fridge right now?Do you go on “field trips” to Michaels?Do you still use Facebook?Do you have anything that’s custom-framed?Did you wake up before 7 a.m. today?Do you wake up before 7 a.m. on the weekends?Are you totally a morning person?Have you ever referred to your friends as “my babies?”Do you still buy magazines?Do you text using full punctuation, capital letters, and periods?Do you often complain that bars are “too loud?”Do you not go to concerts because they are “too loud?”Do you like places where you can “hear the conversation?”Do you watch Grey’s?What about Gilmore Girls?Wheel Of Fortune?Do you call someone a few years younger than you a “baby”?Do you have a favorite mug?Does Love Actually make you cry?Does The Notebook still make you cry?Have you seen The Notebook over five times?Do you prefer your cat, dog, or pet to actual human beings?Do you have a favorite Starbucks seasonal drink?Do you really want to learn how to cross-stitch?Do you dream of being on Antiques Roadshow?Does Queer Eye make you cry?Do you get mad when shows you like start at 10?Is 10 p.m. late?Is 11 p.m. really late?Has someone ever called you a “grandma” when you’ve said “that’s too late for me to be out”?Can you not remember the last time you stayed out passed midnight?Do you have a go-to trail mix recipe?Are you really good at snacks in general?Do you meal prep?Can you knit?Do you get excited when Michael’s Christmas decorations come out?Do you wish it was Fall right now?Are you depressed Friends is leaving Netflix?Have you heard of bullet journaling?Do you want to get into bullet journaling?Do you write in a physical notebook?Do you always offer your friends hand sanitizer?Do you bake bread?Have you ever self-identified as the “mom” of your friend group?Have you quit caffeine?Do you like to organize things?Do you own a label maker?Did you just get into audio books?Are you good at making smoothies?Do you own a metal straw?Do you own multiple metal straws?Do you own a kettle?Are you into tea?Are you tired right now?Are you cold?Are you sure you’re not cold or tired right now?

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