Jason Momoa Went Shirtless on Vacation with Lisa Bonet & We're Thirsty

Summer break, here he comes! Photos of Jason Momoa shirtless on vacation in Italy with wife Lisa Bonet have surfaced, giving new meaning to  the term “tourist attraction.” The 39-year-old Aquaman star and his family are thought to still be in the area following the weekend wedding in Paris of Zoë Kravitz, Bonet’s daughter with rocker ex Lenny Kravitz. Judging by the poolside snapshots captured, Momoa and Bonet must have decided to squeeze a little well-deserved R&R into the trans-Atlantic trip.

In the photos published by TMZ, Momoa rocked a pair of black boardshorts, his signature flowy man-hair (complete with a hairband on the wrist for easy man-bun application) and a ripped, superhero-movie-ready body. He appears pretty chill walking around the pool deck, although something tells us his shirtless presence may have cause temperatures in the nearby vicinity to spike.

Inexplicably, some keyboard warriors are convinced Momoa’s body isn’t 100 percent beach ready yet — yes, really. According to CafeMom, critics are suggesting that perhaps the buff actor needs to get back in the gym. “Someone needs to start lifting again…,” wrote one commenter. “Been working on his Dad Belly!” inserted another.

But, like, for the record, if this is Dad Bod, keep doing what you’re doing, dads.

If anything, Momoa might look a little tired. But what do you expect from a man who spent the weekend partying into the wee hours with Kravitz and Denzel Washington? “Any room with Lenny and Jason and Denzel in it, well… was crazy and insane,” Grégory Lent, co-owner of rehearsal-dinner venue Restaurant Lapérouse, told People, adding, “There was so much love in the room. There were toasts and they were moving to tequila when I left. They were still going at 2 a.m.”

We imagine after a weekend like that, Momoa needs a little poolside downtime. Besides, at some point, he and Bonet will return to the daily grind (Momoa stars in the ensemble film Dune, out in November), so it makes sense they’d want to soak up the Italian sun while they still have a modicum of spare time.

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