Jim Carrey’s Birthday Wish For Himself Is A Pointed GOP To-Do List

Jim Carrey celebrated his 59th birthday on Sunday, and he didn’t didn’t ask for a new hit movie or a sweater. 

He requested presents from Republicans instead, expressing hope that they’ll stop caving to falsehoods and hate groups. 

“When I blow out my candles later, I’ll be wishing for an end to the pandemic, to see fewer Americans sell their souls for a mountain of lies and for the GOP, once and for all, to PURGE THEIR RANKS OF WHITE SUPREMACISTS!” he tweeted alongside a picture of the Capitol. 

Extremists’ deadly siege of the Capitol appeared to reinvigorate Carrey’s political artwork. He recently posted a mocking portrait of the man who allegedly stole Nancy Pelosi’s podium and a caricature of President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani to illustrate the “cartoonishly evil” figures in “Nightmare-in-chief” Donald Trump’s cast.

Giuliani has pushed a conspiracy theory that left-wing agitators were behind the insurrection after repeatedly voicing and litigating Trump’s baseless election fraud claims.

Carrey, who played Joe Biden on “Saturday Night Live” for several weeks recently, also requested a “Zing Marshmallow Blaster” for his birthday.

That might be an easier get.



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