Lizzo Aces a Game of Song Association, Belting Out Hits From Beyoncé, Queen, and More

Lizzo has racked up quite a few notable honors as of late — a No. 1 hit, a magazine feature, support from Beyoncé — and she can now add “Song Association champ” to the list. As one of Elle‘s October cover stars, the 31-year-old singer participated in the magazine’s popular game, in which she was given a word before quickly belting a tune that included the term. Naturally, when the word “road” came up, she happily sang Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” — with her own flair, of course. “First of all, that’s a mashup,” she said, commending the chart-topper. She also put her own spin on hits from Queen, Notorious B.I.G., Fall Out Boy, Beyoncé, and more. Watch the fun clip above for a much-appreciated Lizzo fix!

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