Martha Stewart's 81st Birthday Involved a Stunning Selfie & 'A Bit Too Much' Wine at Celebratory Lunch

Martha Stewart isn’t slowing down one bit in her 80s. In fact, she might have celebrated a little too hard on her 81st birthday, but she isn’t complaining at all — instead, she gave us a glorious selfie.

The lifestyle guru is an expert at the Instagram thirst-trap and she’s so good at it that Gen Z should take notes from Stewart (we are talking about that sexy poolside shot). This year, she went in for a close-up where she gives a slight pout and a soulful gaze at the camera. She knows how to work an angle and took the snapshot while lying down in gorgeous natural lighting. But what makes Stewart the sassiest gal in town is her sense of humor. Her caption reads, “birthday selfie @prior to big bday dinner -we had a delicious lunch and just a bit too much @19crimes martha’s chard.” That’s right, she was pre-gaming her birthday dinner with a lot of Chardonnay.

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It also sounds like Stewart broke her own rules about drinking, which is totally OK to do on your birthday. “I remember when I was a stockbroker, we used to have drinks at lunch,” she shared with The Cut in 2017. “And I couldn’t do that now for anything.”  She also admitted that she doesn’t “drink a lot, but I love good wine.” And yes, she loves her own 19 Crimes Chardonnay, so bravo to her for a little self-promotion along the way.

We also love that Stewart is making her 80s look so fabulous — lunch, wine, and social media. It sounds like a day worth celebrating!

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