‘Stranger Things 4’ Still Lags Behind ‘Squid Game’ for Most Popular Netflix TV Show

Although Stranger Things 4 has cemented itself in Netflix history as one of the streamer’s most-watched seasons, the series has still come up short compared to Squid Game, Variety reported. The South Korean drama continues to hold the record for Netflix’s most-watched TV season ever.

Netflix calculates and ranks its content based on viewership in the 28 days following its premiere. Since Stranger Things 4 was broken down into two volumes, the streamer combined the viewership of Volume 1 during the 28-day period with the viewership of Volume 2 after the window. That means that while the viewer counts for the volumes were combined, Netflix was only counting during the Volume 2-eligible window.

Overall, Stranger Things 4 garnered 1.4 billion hours viewed, whereas Squid Game clocked 1.7 billion hours. The latest season of Stranger Things spanned 13 hours long between the two volumes. Squid Game, in comparison, ran for 8 hours.

For most of the month, however, the other three seasons of Stranger Things also ranked somewhere on Netflix’s top ten list. This week’s list still included seasons two and three but the first season was no longer included.

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