Mavix Launches the Entry-Level M4 Gaming Chair

Known for taking an alternative and ergonomics-minded approach to designing its gaming chairs, Mavix has now launched its brand new M4 lineup, offering gamers an entry-level model that’s more accessible than its premium models.

Despite a lower price tag, the M4 nonetheless retains the technology and ergonomics Mavix is known for, pairing Mavix Mesh with Spacer Mesh to construct a seat that you can rely comfortably on for lengthy gaming sessions. The fixed backrest offers a recline function for when you’re relaxing or taking a break, with a locking function to keep it at your desired angle, while the brand’s proprietary Dynamic Variable Lumbar Support allows the seat to adjust itself to any user’s body however you move in order to provide optimum lower back support.

“Mavix is an advocate for healthy gaming, whether an esports athlete, streamer or everyday gamer, the overall health of the gaming community is our top priority,” said Mavix founder and CEO Tony Mazlish. “We truly believe Mavix is for everyone, and by launching the M4 we’ve made an ergonomic, supportive and comfortable gaming chair accessible for all.”

For those interested, the Mavix M4 starts at $444 USD and will ship on October 30. Learn more over on Mavix’s website.

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