Netflix's Unsettling Teaser Trailer of 'The 8th Night' Will Have You Squirming at Every Turn

Netflix has officially released a new teaser trailer for its forthcoming South Korean supernatural thriller, The 8th Night.

The film follows a retired exorcist who returns to work alongside a young monk and a detective to stop two demonic entities from uniting. The teaser reveals the impending fusion of the Black and Red demonic entities, which have left a stream of bodies in their wake. The film’s protagonist does not appear to be able to stop the demons from their killing spree. The team is tasked to put an end to the demons in a span of eight days, before the entities will destroy the world.

The 8th Night is directed by newcomer Kim Tae-Hyung and the cast includes Lee Sung Min who will play the film’s exorcist, Park Hae Joon as the detective, Kim Yoo Jung, the mystery girl who becomes crucial to solving the mystery and Nam Da Reum as the young monk.

The 8th Night is arriving on Netflix on July 2.

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