Nissan Debuts Titanium Exhaust Systems for Three Older Skyline GT-R Models

Nissan‘s Nismo Heritage program is expanding its catalog of enhanced motor parts with three made-to-order tailpipes and exhaust systems for the automaker’s R32, R33 and R34 Skyline models.

The three exhaust systems are composed of titanium and utilize an updated black-color DLC for its Nismo iconography. The new diamond-like coating is said to prevent the system from changing color from the exhaust heat, like a typical titanium exhaust would.

Additionally, each system is approximately 12.5 kg (27.5 lbs) lighter than previous exhausts and reduces exhaust pressure for a roughly 7% increase in power.

Nissan recommends the systems only be installed in R3 or R4 models, not on the automaker’s S1 or S2-engine vehicles due to their turbocharger. The exhausts built for the R32 and R33 models are priced at ¥726,000 JPY ($6,360 USD), and the R34 system is listed for ¥737,000 JPY ($6,457 USD).

Late last year, Nissan introduced a full restoration program for its Skyline models, which includes a complete disassembly of the vehicle before any repairs and respraying of the shell and chassis. Additionally, the company offers to rebuild its RB26DETT engine with overhauled or new parts, while also addressing any issues with the suspension, braking systems and original wiring.

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