Noah Launches a "NOT DEAD YET!" Upcycling Project

Noah has launched a new upcycling project dubbed “NOT DEAD YET,” which restores unsold inventory with new graphics through deep black dyes from Kyoto Montsuki Company.

Kyoto Montsuki is a dye shop that has specialized in traditional black dyes for Japanese formalwear for over a century. The store currently provides a service in which customers can bring in stained or faded clothes to be revived by coating them in their special jet black dye which doesn’t color transfer in the wash.

While Noah doesn’t mass-produce products, the upcoming capsule was started as a result of increasing inventories due to the effects of COVID-19. Rather than doing markdown sales or simply discarding excess items, NOAH started the “NOT DEAD YET!” initiative as an alternative.

Pieces include black tees and hoodies decorated with patchwork and needle and thread graphics alongside “NOT DEAD YET!” text. Straight-leg chinos with white and blue contrast stitching are also available.

Items are priced from ¥8,250 to ¥24,200 JPY and are currently available at the NOAH Clubhouse in Harajuku, Tokyo, and the NOAH Noodle Shop in Osaka. A worldwide release has yet to be announced.

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