Nudity, Instant Marriages and TMI! Wildest Dating Shows

Oh, the drama! Dating shows provide unrelenting amounts of entertainment in their most basic form. Add in nudity, a ticking timeline and the opportunity to explore a connection with multiple people, and there is enough content to keep audiences on their toes forever.

With odd formats come surprising romances. Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison opened up exclusively to Us Weekly about Carly Waddell and Evan Bass’ shocking 180 during season 3. “If you were here, boots in the sand, there’s no way that that relationship was going to happen, much less getting engaged. And I’m pretty sure they had a baby,” he quipped in June 2018. “So that’s pretty phenomenal because I know Carly pretty well. I knew her better than Evan at the time. And if looks could kill, she would have killed me just for being on the jalapeño date.”

Harrison noted that the show’s unpredictable nature factored into its matchmaking achievements. “I really don’t even know what to wish for or what to hope for because I don’t know if you could ever pick who ends up in Paradise,” he told Us. “But I know that our success rate is very, very high. I don’t know what our batting average is, but it’s got to be enough to keep us in the big leagues.”

The heightened circumstances can also lead to tensions in budding romances. “It takes away all the love and romanticism and the specialness of the moment when you’re just told by this certain date I need to have a ring or I’m leaving,” Temptation Island season 1 contestant Evan Smith admitted to Us in March 2019. “Ultimatums, they don’t work. It’s no way to live, no way to operate, especially in a relationship or when love is what we’re talking about.”

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