Optical illusion leaves people baffled over whether animal is a raven or rabbit

A video of an animal being stroked has sparked a debate over whether it shows a raven or a rabbit.

The video was shared on Twitter by Podcaster Dan Quintana on Sunday with the caption: "Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose."

But many people questioned whether it showed the nose of a rabbit being rubbed or the back of a bird's head.

The "beak" appears to also resemble rabbit ears.

And, as ever, the debate produced some incredible results on Twitter after the footage was seen more than one million times.

One person shared a drawing of a line graph with 'rabbit' and 'raven' written either side – but another user then modified it to add 'some kind of dragon' into the mix.

Another Twitter user shared a picture of a thick-billed raven with the caption: "You will not fool me, you rapscallion!"

And another person shared an image of a snail with the caption: "Here's my rabbit."

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