Overfinch Breathes New Life Into Retro Land Rover Range Rover Models

The world’s leading Land Rover Range Rover customizer Overfinch has announced a new Heritage program to launch in the U.S., bringing a new lease of life to cars that are over 25 years old.

Taking on the Land Rover Defender and the original Range Rover, Overfinch’s new restomod division will give these SUVs a host of modern upgrades inside-and-out. For example, all will be given a mechanical and structural overhaul, while new technology will feature throughout the car’s design. All will be fitted with a new crate engine and transmission as well, giving the machines the power that matches their restored presence.

Overall, the program aims to tastefully combine the SUVs’ British heritage with Overfinch’s distinctive styling. As seen in the Heritage-restored Defender above, this can result in updating it with stark colorway choices and new LED headlamps, while extras such as retro-inspired wheels, a teak decking, and a completely overhauled sport-styled interior can also be added.

Only 12 Overfinch Heritage Land Rover Defenders or Range Rovers will be built in 2021, which not only reflects the craftsmanship that goes into each restored motor but also the exclusivity each build commands. For now, those interested can either look at the example above, or head over to the dedicated Overfinch Heritage website for more information.

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