Overflowing toilets and celebrity spotting – the best and worst of Electric Picnic 2019

From overflowing toilets to “exceptional” performances, Electric Picnic revellers have revealed their best and worst moments of the weekend-long festival.

Strokes fan Dan McWilliams trekked from Belfast for the festival. Despite the portaloos in his campsite overflowing, he still managed to have a good time and even nabbed himself a spot backstage with one music act.

“Definitely getting backstage for Kneecap. I’ve never been backstage at a big festival like this, the atmosphere was brilliant. When we were in the green room I was intercepted by a security guy and I asked him for filter. He told me to go away and when I looked over his shoulder I saw Bono was there. It’s definitely the most famous person I’ve seen in real life,” Dan told Independent.ie.

“I thought the Strokes were class but the atmosphere was a bit off, there was no interaction with the crowd or anything, like the songs were great but the atmosphere was off.

“The worst part is the toilets in my campsite were overflowing this morning. You could literally see whatever running out of the portaloo running down into peoples tent. It didn’t quite make it into people’s tents but it was running towards it. The smell was terrible.”

Stradbally native Síobhan Mortimer said her favourite part was “actually meeting up with your friends that you haven’t seen in so long and actually spending time with them.”

However, Síobhan was less than impressed with food joint Salty Dog moving in the main arena.

She said, “I really disliked how they moved Salty Dog into the main arena. When the Salty Dog was out near the campsites before you’d meet so many more people whereas now you don’t meet half as many people as you used to.”

Liam Maher, from Athy, travelled from Athy, Co Kildare to attend the popular Stradbally music festival. He said the peak of his weekend was seeing 80s star Bonnie Tyler, telling Independent.ie, “Definitely seeing Bonnie Tyler live was the best.

“I loved Total Eclipse of the Heart, it’s a total throwback classic. I felt so many emotions.”

Liam, who was staying in the Janice Joplin campsite, said his least favourite part of the weekend was, “Walking everywhere, literally everywhere. Walking was the worst part.”

“They extended the main arena and the forest to walk through which caused problems. It was easier a few years back, there were more options and places to hang out,” he said.

Páraic Kelehan, from Leixlip, Co Kildare said his favourite part of the festival was “definitely seeing Gerry Cinnamon.”

“My girlfriend Síobhan lives here in Stradbally so the worst part was having to run a half hour to get here,” he said.

Reveller Oisin Kenny, who also travelled from Kildare attended the festival for the third time. He said this year was a “whole new experience”.

“The best part of my weekend was going to the Haunt in Body and Soul.

“It was something I wasn’t expecting, the level of performance and subversion on display was exceptional. It was a whole new experience.”

“There were a few problems and walking but like once you throw yourself into it you just go with it,” he added.

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