Schitt's Creek Has Come to an End, but Moira Rose's Titillating Vocabulary Lives On

Schitt’s Creek Has Come to an End, but Moira Rose’s Titillating Vocabulary Lives On

If I could pay Catherine O’Hara to follow me around and narrate my life like Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek for a day, I’d empty my bank account in a heartbeat. Eccentric to a fashion fault (or strength), Moira’s, um, unique and extensive vocabulary, while often confusing, is part of what makes her character so charming.

If ever I need a laugh or feel like embracing my inner Hollywood-star-gone-town-councilor, all I have to do is remember the time she nonchalantly called David a “disgruntled pelican,” and my mood is instantly improved. “Dewdropper” (aka a lollygagger), “frippet,” “callipygian,” “bedevil,” “confabulate,” “unasinous,” “bombilate,” and “pettifogging” — which are all real, by the way — are just a few of the words Moira’s managed to slip into my subconscious over the years that make me love her character even more. In honor of the Schitt’s Creek finale (which aired on April 7), keep scrolling to relive a few of Moira’s best quotes from the show ahead.

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