'Stray' Taps Travel Cat for a Special Edition Cat Carrier Backpack

In celebration of the upcoming release of Annapurna Interactive‘s Stray — a game where you explore beautifully atmospheric environments as a cat —  the studio has now teamed up with pet accessory maker Travel Cat to launch a special edition cat carrier backpack as well as leash and harness. The backpack itself comes predominantly in black with streaks of pink, yellow, and blue that draw inspiration from the game’s cyberpunk setting.

The center of the compartment features a large domed window for your cat to look through as you journey through the streets while an upper opening allows easy access. Of course, there are also three breathing holes and the bag itself will support up to 25 pounds in weight. As for the harness and leash, the set comes in a simple black tone with a reflective outline to keep your pet visible even in the dark, and both the neck and chest straps are adjustable.

For those looking to treat your cats this summer, the Stray x Travel Cat limited-edition drops are now open for pre-orders over on the latter’s website. Stray itself will launch on July 19.

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