Why are we so British! GB News viewers blast stop moaning as media panics at red alert

GB News: Isabel discusses UK 'being British' about the heatwave

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The Met Office has warned England and parts of Wales to prepare itself for unprecedented temperatures as the UK braces itself for extreme heat. London is set to be one of the hottest places in the world on Monday with temperatures rising higher than the Western Sahara. However, GB News presenters Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster revealed viewers had written in to urge people to “stop moaning” about the heatwave. 

The presenters spoke to GB News South West of England reporter Jeff Moody who was in Bournemouth.

He pointed out the locals he had spoken to agreed the weather wasn’t something to be “moaned” about.

Jeff noted: “Talking to people here they’re saying, ‘Look it’s all a load of fuss about nothing we’re used to going on holiday, we’re used to extreme heat, we should take it early it’s nice, we shouldn’t start moaning.’

“But, it is going to be a sizzler. Parts of the country are scheduled to be hotter than the Sahara, parts of the country are going to be hotter than the Caribbean and hotter too than Athens.”

Later, Eamonn commented: “All our bodies are different but generally the advice is don’t stay out in the sunshine, don’t stay out there too long.”

Isabel added: “I should say we’ve had lots of emails saying, ‘Why are we so British about this?

“‘Going on and on about a national emergency, it’s just a hot summer’s day.’”

“It sells newspapers,” Eamonn remarked and Isabel added: “And it is unusually high temperatures. A lot of you not loving the weather today.”

“Do you know who I really feel sorry for?” Eamonn asked. “All these horrible people who start bush fires and then firefighters, the police and the ambulance service have to attend in full kit.

“They have to work in that and indeed anybody that has to work.”

Isabel commented: “We’ve seen huge fires across Europe, terrible situation.”

“There are people who go and deliberately set these [fires] or they’re just careless,” Eamonn added.

Earlier in the programme, Eamonn and Isabel spoke to climate expert Phil Morrish about the record breaking temperatures predicted for Monday. 

Eamonn commented: “There’s an awful part of me that looks at newspapers and think these scary headlines just sell newspapers, that’s what it’s about.

“There’s going to be a lot of disappointed people if this record and temperature isn’t broken today, won’t there?”

Climate expert Phil Morrish replied: “I think there is but I think it is going to be broken. It is already 21 degrees and up to 23 in some places.

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