Teru Noji Heads to Japan for a ‘Bloody’ Art Retrospective with DAYZ Archives

After 18 years of being based in Southern France, contemporary artist and graphic designer Teru Noji will head to Japan with a new art exhibition titled “LET IT BLEED.” As a Japanese artist, this new retrospective will mark Noji’s long-awaited return to his hometown and his first-ever solo exhibition in the country – presented at DAYZ Archives.

The exhibit reflects Noji’s time living abroad in France, coupled with the turmoil, angst, frustrations and lessons learned while creating art there, and not having returned home at any period during those years. Partly inspired by The Rolling Stones’ 1969 album title Let It Bleed, Noji’s exhibit features his iconic pop tattoo art and examines the inspiration of tattooing everyday objects as opposed to tattooing people.

Speaking about the new exhibit, Noji stated: “Whatever the canvas, I etch my thoughts into it. Somehow, I have found more meaning in tattooing everyday objects around me than people. If you ink a person’s skin, the price of beauty is pain and bleeding.”

“But when you tattoo a plastic or ceramic doll, or something metal, does it hurt and bleed? Yes, it does. I see it; I see it and I feed on it as it makes me lose myself in a bloodlust trance. And I’m still bleeding since then,” added Noji.

The new “Retrospective” will run at the DAYZ store in Japan, beginning September 30 to October 16. Further information on admission and exhibit details can be found on the organization’s website.

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