There’s romcom love (and one big breakup) in episode 8 of And Just Like That…

Warning: this story contains spoilers from the eighth episode of the Sex And The City reboot, And Just Like That.

If you tuned in to last week’s episode of And Just Like That, you’ll know by now that love is all around. There were first dates (Carrie), hookups (Miranda) and falling in love (also Miranda). Yes, sparks were well and truly flying on the streets of New York City.

Of course, romance never does run smoothly in these parts –and even if you do eventually find it, there’s no guarantee that it’ll stick around (see Big for more details). Still, Carrie emerged from her cocoon with a new book and even managed to go on a date with a handsome widowed teacher named Peter, even if they did vomit in the street afterwards and arrange a second date after Carrie became an auction lot at Charlotte’s PTA gala. 

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And Just Like That: this is why Miranda and Che’s sex scene in episode 7 is so important

The biggest talking point right now, of course, is Miranda, who is the only person on the show having any sex right now. In episode seven, three months after sending Che Diaz a DM to “hang out”, she finally reconnected with the comedian at the PTA gala (it really was all happening there). Che suggested they spend the night together, and Miranda confessed to them that she was falling in love. 

As for the lucky few in happy long-term relationships – well, they face troubles too, even if they pale in comparison to your husband having a heart attack by the Peloton. Charlotte has a fight with Harry after a lively tennis match in which she refuses to apologise and then proceeds to swear at him. Happily for them, the picture-perfect Wexleys also have marital strife at the gala, proving that you can be in one of the most attractive couples going and still have all the same ups and downs.

And so we continue down this rocky road of romance to episode eight: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered. Read ahead to find out everything that happens – and be sure to check back every week for the latest recap of And Just Like That.

And Just Like That: Louisa (Cree Cicchino) and Brady (Niall Cunningham) at the Pride rally in episode 8

1. My eyes! We’re at a Pride rally and everything is technicolour. Except for Che Diaz, who’s on stage wearing head-to-toe black like the rebel they are and telling the crowd to live their truth.

2. Miranda’s in attendance, of course, whooping enthusiastically and embodying the heart-eyes emoji.

3. Now she’s panicking big time because she’s spotted Brady and Louisa in the crowd. Nope, Brady’s not gay, folks; he’s there as an ally.

4. Miranda’s now desperately trying to find an escape route through the crowd and tiptoeing away like a cartoon character, looking as conspicuous as possible in the process.

5. Here’s Che, smoking weed again. They’re asking Miranda, quite rightly, why she was sneaking off and with such a bizarre walk, too. Miranda’s explaining that she spotted Brady and didn’t want him to see her with Che because he doesn’t know about the whole situation. 

6. Uh oh, Che’s face is like thunder. Doesn’t Brady doesn’t know Miranda is in an open marriage? Miranda says she wasn’t until Che came along…

And Just Like That: Che (Sara Ramirez) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) in episode 8

7. Che’s furious. They’ve been sleeping with Miranda for three weeks and they didn’t know it was all a secret.

8. Che’s now telling Miranda that it’s one thing exploring your sexuality, but being married and lying is another matter entirely. They’re a lot of things, but they’re not a homewrecker!

9. Now Che’s storming off saying they can’t do this with Miranda until she figures out her life.

10. We’re now at Carrie’s place where she’s got all her clothes out on shiny rails, and I’ve suddenly decided that this is definitely the solution to my sartorial troubles every morning.

11. Seema’s arrived with a bottle of wine and bag of takeaway like the good friend she is.

11. Carrie’s been archiving all her clothes with Lily, apparently. Now they’re hanging out the window trying to catch a glimpse of Carrie’s new neighbour, a 20-something who’s down there on the stoop snogging her boyfriend. 

And Just Like That: Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) clears out her closet in episode 8

12. Now it’s night time and there are a lot of 20-somethings down on the stoop making a lot of noise. Carrie’s fretting over a “cool” way to ask them to be quieter.

13. Her solution is hanging out the window and yelling. Solid. Oop, they’ve now apologised and called her ‘ma’am’.

14. We’re now at Charlotte’s place where she’s trying to persuade Harry to wear a heinous fitness ring. 

15. Oh, this has taken a turn. One minute she’s down on one knee pretending like she’s going to propose to Harry, the next she’s unzipping his fly. 

16. Agh, Lily has just wandered into the bathroom! She’ll be scarred for life, poor girl.

17. We’re back at Carrie’s place, where she’s wandering around in a green face mask looking like she’s walked out of Wicked. Terrible timing, because her downstairs neighbour is at the door apologising for the commotion last night. Don’t you just hate unexpected visitors?

18. We’re now at dinner and everyone has news to share! Too bad, because Miranda’s hogging the limelight by announcing that tonight, during the dessert ritual, she’s going to ask Steve for a divorce.

And Just Like That: Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte meet to discuss their troubles in episode 8

19. Charlotte says she’s not judging Miranda, because only this morning, Lily caught her on her knees with Harry.

20. Carrie and Miranda can’t get over it! Is it Harry’s birthday? Is he dying?

21. Charlotte’s panicking because she told Lily she was checking Harry’s penis for cancer instead of being honest and open about sex. Really Charlotte, cancer?

22. Carrie and Miranda are now shopping for brownies after dinner because Carrie wants to get her neighbour a present to make peace. The brownies look delicious, and also expensive enough to require remortgaging your house.

23. Carrie’s asking Miranda if she’s going to tell Steve about Che. Miranda doesn’t think so, but this is a conversation that must be had because she wants Che. Carrie asks a good question: does she know how much Che wants her?

24. Carrie’s dropping the brownies off at her neighbour’s door. Only it’s her boyfriend answering the door, and he’s just accidentally dropped the sheet around his waist.

And Just Like That: Carrie and Miranda discuss Miranda’s plans to ask Steve for a divorce

25. Miranda’s lying in wait for Che outside their workplace. Che’s looking annoyed because they’ve got a plane to catch to, you guessed it, another comedy concert.

26. Miranda wants to know if she’s making all up all these giant feelings. Che reassures Miranda that she’s not crazy and that they are in love with Miranda, too. But it’s not OK, obviously, because of the circumstances. 

27. Miranda’s now declared herself too, and that she’s going to take care of the situation asap. She wants them to be together!

28. We’re now at dinner with Charlotte and Lily. Charlotte’s trying to broach the sex talk with her, only a notification’s just popped up on Lily’s phone. 

29. Charlotte’s opened Lily’s phone to find a photo of Lily looking seductive on her private Instagram account. Well, you did go looking, Charlotte.

30. Charlotte’s making a scene and Lily’s stormed off.

And Just Like That: Lily (Cathy Ang) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) sit down to have a serious chat in episode 8

31. We’re back at Carrie’s place, and Lily’s here too, hiding from her mum. Only Charlotte’s now on the phone to Carrie because she’s got a sixth sense that her daughter’s taking refuge with her, as I would be if my mother had tried to talk about sex with me and then invaded my private Instagram account. 

32. Carrie’s telling Charlotte not to stress about the secret Instagram, the photos, anything, because she’s a cool auntie. Oh, and Lily’s staying over for a sleepover. Cute!

32. The downstairs neighbour is playing loud music late into the night again and Carrie is having absolutely none of it. She’s gone downstairs to confront her neighbour, only to find her asleep on the sofa with an empty glass in her hand.

33. Carrie’s taking a turn around the block for her daily cigarette wearing a headscarf and rubber gloves, as you do. She’s on the phone to Seema, telling her that she doesn’t want to be seen as the crazy neighbour, which is unfortunate, as her neighbour is now coming down the steps.

34. She’s recognised Carrie, of course, even in her outlandish costume.

And Just Like That: Miranda finally sits down with Steve to discuss their marriage in episode 8

35. Charlotte’s still trying to have a conversation with Lily about what was happening with Harry the other day. Does Lily have any questions, Carrie asks? Lily wants to know if she found any cancer. Bless her!

36. We’re now at Miranda’s and she’s having The Talk. Only Steve’s got to find his hearing aids first.

37. Miranda’s confessing that she’s not happy and that her marriage isn’t enough for her anymore. Poor Steve looks confused – is he not enough?

38. Miranda’s doing the thing where someone says it’s not you, it’s them. Steve’s making a good point: this is about divorce, so it definitely does concern him!

39. Miranda’s now saying she wants more: more energy, more connection, more sex, more everything.

40. Steve’s looking baffled: he thought they’d finally got to a place where they happy to come home, eat ice cream and talk about their son. Miranda says that she doesn’t know if that’s life, or the life that she wants any more – or has ever wanted. Gulp.

And Just Like That: Carrie navigates how to handle her new, mysterious 20-something neighbour

41. Steve is now saying that he’s perfectly happy with his life how it is, but that he doesn’t have the energy to rally for them again. Miranda says she doesn’t want him to.

42. Steve just wants Miranda to be happy. But he’s still confused: what else does she thinks is out there? Miranda, over to you.

43. OK, Miranda’s finally admitted that she’s met someone else. Steve’s looking devastated. I’ve got something in my eye…

44. Carrie’s now on the phone to Miranda, who’s absolutely hyped and in a taxi to the airport to tell Che they can be together. She’s telling Carrie that she’s living in a romcom!

45. Carrie’s walking down the stairs just as her neighbour is having a huge fight with her boyfriend, who’s apparently slept with every woman in town. 

46. The neighbour is now apologising to Carrie for the disruption. It’s all good, because Carrie’s certainly got enough experience with the chaos of the New York dating scene to sympathise. Can the pair of them just make friends already?

47. Carrie’s now sitting in her window wearing a Versace ballgown and eating popcorn. Ah, the fantasy we live for. 

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