This Rapid Cognition Test Will Show How Good Your Brain Is At Making First Impressions

There’s a term called “thin-slicing” that describes our ability to think on impulse. In a book called Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell, his research suggests that we make snap, unconscious judgments.

(It’s a very interesting, thought-provoking book that I highly recommend checking out.)

In this quiz, you’ll test your thin-slicing abilities by reading each question, quickly looking at each photo, and spending as little time as possible thinking about an answer.

Trust your instincts, it gets harder along the way — good luck!

  1. Which Mona Lisa has been altered?

    Leonardo da VinciABCorrect! Wrong! 

    The mouth on Mona Lisa “A” was made bigger, and the mountains in the back were raised higher — also, it literally says “Altered” in the upper left corner.

    Via Leonardo da Vinci

  2. Who is the killer?

    Getty12345Correct! Wrong! 

    Suspect #4 is wearing the black band seen on the victim.

    Via Getty

  3. How many jelly beans are in this photo?

    Getty486496112Correct! Wrong! 

    The pattern of eight jelly beans is shown 12 times — 96 total.

    Via Getty

  4. Which color jelly bean are there more of?

    GettyRedPinkCorrect! Wrong! 

    There are 42 pink jelly beans and only 37 red ones.

    Via Getty

  5. Which color wire should you cut to prevent the dynamite from exploding?

    GettyYellowRedGreenBlackCorrect! Wrong! 

    The words “CUT GREEN” were on the image.

    Via Getty

  6. Car or plane?

    BuzzFeedPlaneCarCorrect! Wrong! 

    It said “Car is the answer” on the photo!

    Via Getty

  7. Which animal is below?

    BuzzFeedA bearAn eagleA rabbitA dogCorrect! Wrong! 

    The silhouette of a bear is visible.

    Via Getty

  8. Which emoji is slightly different from the others?

    Getty123456Correct! Wrong! 

    Emoji #4 is slightly blue, unlike the others.

    Via Getty

  9. What word is in this box?

    BuzzFeedSTAINTRAINBRAINPLAINCorrect! Wrong! Via BuzzFeed / Apple

  10. Are there more pepperonis on the pizza, or around it?

    GettyOn the pizza.Around the pizza.Correct! Wrong! 

    There are 28 pepperonis on the pizza, but 31 around it.

    Via Getty

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