Titleist Unveils Next Generation T-Series and Utility Irons

Titleist‘s next-generation of the T-Series irons and U-Series utility irons focuses on design, technology, and performance. Based on the initial tour player trial run and comments, the latest iron lineup continues to push frontiers.

For their development, players have provided feedback through every stage of the research and development process for the T-Series and U-series clubs. Each and every detail put together from the tours was held into consideration to help construct a high-performance Titleist club. For instance, during the dry run, testers reported on how fast and clean the T100S feels through the grass. With more camber and an enhanced, combined pre-wear design, the T100S sole is the ideal example of how Titleist brings out better performance from every detail.

The new Titleist T100, T100S, and U505 utility iron models are now accessible to PGA Tour players for use in the tournament, starting on Thursday, June 24, 2021, in Cromwell, CT, while the new T200 irons are supposed to join the family on tour in the future weeks.

For more details on the T-Series and Utility Irons, visit Titleist’s official website for product release and fittings.

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