Ubisoft Is Using AI To Help Write Video Game Dialogue

Ubisoft – the developer behind titles such as Assassin’s Creed,Far Cry and For Honor – has revealed that it’s using an “AI tool” to write the dialogue for some of its video games. Deemed Ubisoft Ghostwriter, the program was developed in-house to support scriptwriters in laying out the first draft of dialogue for its developing titles

The video game publisher announced the news via a trailer detailing the Ghostwriter’s capabilities. The company was notably careful to say that the tool is designed to “save scriptwriters time,” not to totally pen the dialogue on its own.

“Introducing Ubisoft Ghostwriter, an AI tool developed in-house that aims to support our scriptwriters by generating the first draft of our NPC barks – the phrases or sounds made by NPCs when players interact with the game world,” Ubisoft said in a statement. “This tool was created hand-in-hand with scriptwriters to create more realistic NPC interactions by generating variations on a piece of dialogue.”

“See how our teams will use AI to handle repetitive tasks, and free up time to work on other core game elements.”
Ubisoft isn’t the first video game company to employ AI (though really, the tool can more accurately be described as machine learning). At the latest Game Developer’s Conference, Roblox shared that it would be using AI assistance to help its developer team generate the code behind the game.

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