Woman’s cheeky message for couple who woke her up with their ‘very noisy’ sex

As we all know, sleep is an important part of life – and most of us need around eight hours shut eye a night to function like a normal human being.

So when someone disturbs our sleep, we're not likely to be very impressed.

Families in Plymstock certainly weren't happy when they were roused from their slumber at 4:30am last night – not to the sound of birds chirping, but to a man and a woman practising what they'd learnt about 'the birds and the bees'.

Plymouth Live reports that residents and their pets were woken in the early hours to the sounds of a couple having a "good time" outside their homes.

This news comes courtesy of a Facebook group called Plymouth Gossip girls, in which a woman shared a hilarious message for the "rude" pair.

She revealed their antics and urged the unknown duo to have a little more consideration for people sleeping "next time".

She wrote: "0430 this morning, I was rudely woken by a man and woman having sex outside my house!

"They were very noisy about it, (even woke my dog from a deep sleep), she, a lot more than him, and the neighbours & I all know she had a 'good time'…twice."

The disgruntled home owner continued: "Anyway, if you were that woman (& I have a good description if you need reminding) please keep the noise down next time you think about having sex in a residential street.

"For some context on the noise, the room I was in is at least 10 metres from where they were and there's a tree and bushes in between and I still heard everything!"

But while they may have ruined her sleep, it seems like she might have gotten the last laugh.

She added: "I also had great delight in lighting up my driveway and popping out to ask if they were finishing anytime soon so I could get back to sleep."

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