You could take the skies with Netflix as its next flight attendant, according to a job posting by the global TV company

  • Netflix is looking for an experienced flight attendant to join its corporate aviation crew, according to a job listing on the company’s website.
  • The position is based in Los Angeles, California, and requires international and US travel.
  • The streaming-TV company appears to have operated its own flight department since at least 2017, in a sign of how large and global an outfit it has become.
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If the lobby of Netflix’s Los Angeles headquarters isone of the places to see and be seen in Hollywood, then the global TV company’s jets must be one of the hottest spots in the skies. You have an opportunity to be there, too.

Netflix is looking for an experienced flight attendant to join its corporate flight crew, according to ajob posting on the company’s website.

The streaming-video company is searching for someone with three years of full-time corporate flight experience, who can plan and prepare for trips, greet and assist passengers, and stock and tidy up the cabin, among other responsibilities. The job includes domestic and international travel, and would be based in Los Angeles, California, with “ground duty days” at the company’s Burbank hanger. “Strong culinary/fine dining experience preferred.”

Like some other big businesses, Netflix has corporate jets — and a flight department with full-time pilots, flight attendants, coordinators, and other crew to organize and operate travel, based on job postings and company filings. CEO Reed Hastings beneficially owns two aircraft that he leases to the company for business-related travel, according to the company’s 2019 proxy statement.

“The Netflix Aviation department provides exceptional, safe, confidential air transportation,” the job listing on Netflix’s website says. “As a Flight Attendant, you would be responsible for creating the best in air experience for our most important company assets, our people. It is our goal to provide the most outstanding aviation experience available, by using the best people and the best equipment.”

Netflix did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s inquiry into the aviation department.

Three LinkedIn accounts from users who say they are employed in the flight department date the unit back to at least 2017.

Netflix has been available in most of the world since January 2016. The streaming-TV company has about 7,100 full-time employees, and works with TV and film productions around the world. It’s a sign of how large and global an outfit the California-based firm has become, that it now has its own flight department to operate company aircraft.

Other big companies that have flight departments include Disney, Google, and Walmart.

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