Eastenders spoilers: Karen Taylor shocks her family as she announces her new love interest

KAREN Taylor will shock her entire family in EastEnders next week when she announces she has a new love interest.

Karen – who’s played by the brilliant Lorraine Stanley – calls her clan together as she has some important news she wants to share with them.

Her kids, Chantelle and Keegan, ponder – along with her ex Mitch Baker and his daughter Bailey – over what her new could possibly be.

Later, the Taylors, Bakers and Atkins all gather together for lunch. But none of them are prepared for Karen’s announcement.

So what’s she got to tell them that’s so important?

This week EastEnders fans will see Karen be asked out by a woman called Caren who she met at the Pride celebrations.

While Karen was celebrating daughter Bernie’s first Pride as an openly gay woman, she got a little too carried away and almost ended up snogging another woman, Caren.

Caren and Karen will cross paths again this week and Karen-with-a-K will be stunned when her new friend asks her out on a date.

The women run into each other again in the Square’s new watering hole, The Prince Albert, and get chatting.

But it’s only when Caren leaves that bar manager Tina Carter points out to Karen T that the other Caren was blatantly flirting with her.

Later, Karen is floored when Caren returns again and asks her out on a date. Karen talks it over with Tina – Louisa Bradshaw-White – who helps her make a decision. So will she go for it?

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