9 Best Dog Coats 2021 | The Sun UK

BABY, it's cold outside, and no one feels that crisp winter chill more profoundly than our four-legged pals.

The best dog coats will keep your pup warm, dry and relatively mud-free during these cooler months.

While many dogs don't like the idea of extra layering or clothes of any kind, there are plenty of comfortable, stylish and winter-warming dog coats to keep your pooch warm all winter long.

You can find a dog coat in whatever style or colour you like, from puffer jackets to fleeces to all-in-one raincoats.

Some are waterproofed against the elements, while others also provide an extra layer of warmth thanks to a fleece lining. Of course, you can also kit your pup out in a smart jumper or sweatshirt when the temperature drops.

These come in all styles and designs, from Christmas looks to slogan sweatshirts, so your pooch won't just be cosy, they'll also be best-dressed.

Just be sure not to leave your dog in their coat for too long – you don't want them to feel uncomfortable or agitated.

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